Based on the globally acclaimed novel by Shannon Kirk, produced by NEXT WEDNESDAY FILMS









METHOD 15/33 is a psychological thriller set within the captivity of a pregnant 16 year-old girl kidnapped by a team bent on harvesting her unborn child. No ordinary young damsel in distress, she is a social outlier --- a hyper-intelligent strategist, capable of turning emotion on and off at will, who transforms the implements and conditions of her captivity into an ingenious apparatus of escape and revenge.

About the Book



The book is a global success having sold in 20 countries including Germany, France, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, China and Russia.


Winner, Foreword Reviews INDIEFAB Book of the Year

Winner, IBPA Benjamin Franklin, Gold Medal

Winner, National Indie Excellence

Finalist, USA Book Award

Finalist, Faulkner Society



Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

"In Kirk's harrowing first novel, a kidnap victim meticulously plots her escape. Her willpower and ingenuity prove more than a match for the callous brutality of those who wish her I'll as this exciting tale builds to s surprising climax."


Booklist, Starred Review

“….Nietsche warned us to beware of people with a strong desire to punish.  That thought  lingers after putting down the dark, disturbing, damnably readable novel…a worthy challenge, a joy to discuss … “



School Library Journal, Starred Review

The abductors never have a chance as she orchestrates a conclusion that will leave readers satisfied and possibly unsettled.  Readers wait with her as she ponders the right moment to make a move even as they suspect that it might not work.


VERDICT: Give this to teens who read Stephen King and other psychological thrillers, especially those with a penchant for dark and violent suspense.”



Foreword Reviews

"This brilliant thrillers centers on an abducted teen who's not the "average" victim."


The Boston Globe

"Readers will see parallels between Lisa and Lisbeth Salander from "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," both victims who refuse to be victimized… the reader soon becomes attached to quirky Lisa.  So it’s nice to know early on that she’ll survive her ordeal (she narrates the story from 17 years in the future.)   The question is how, and watching the answer unfold is like watching a wondrously complicated, well-oiled Rube Goldberg contraption in action.  Welcome to a thrilling new voice in crime fiction.”



"A chilling tale of kidnap and implacable revenge, this is a striking debut by a young American lawyer which goes in the absolute opposite direction you thought it would and even qualifies for rightful comparisons with GONE GIRL, GIRL ON THE TRAIN and more unexpectedly, THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS."

Based on the novel by Shannon Kirk

Screenwriter/Director: Hilary Brougher

Producers: Mary Jane Skalski and Damon Lane


MARY JANE SKALSKI is one of the most accomplished independent film producers working today. In 2003, she was cited as one of Variety’s “10 Producers to Watch,” and in 2004 she received the Independent Spirit Award for Producing. Her projects have consistently garnered critical acclaim and commercial success. She is currently in post production on the Fox Searchlight film WILSON, directed by Craig Johnson, the film stars Woody Harrelson, Laura Dern and Judy Greer.


Mary Jane’s previous credits include Tom McCarthy’s films The Visitor, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor (Richard Jenkins); The Station Agent, which received a BAFTA for Best Original Screenplay, three awards at Sundance, and three Independent Spirit Awards; Win Win starring Paul Giamatti and The Cobbler starring Adam Sandler; Gregg Araki’s Gotham and Spirit Award-nominated Mysterious Skin; Adam Salky’s Dare; Peter Callahan’s Against The Current, Julien Goldberger’s The Hawk is Dying, Naomi Foner’s Very Good Girls and Jane Weinstock’s The Moment. Mary Jane was an executive producer of the Gotham and Spirit Award winner Pariah, and co-producer of the Cable Ace Award winning documentary Wonderland. In 2012, her film Hello I Must Be Going (director Todd Louiso) was selected as the opening night film of the Sundance Film Festival. She began her career at one of the foundational companies in the independent film resurgence in America, Good Machine, working on the early films of Nicole Holofcener, Ang Lee, and Ed Burns.


Since 1997 she has been an adjunct in the graduate film program at Columbia University and regularly serves as an advisor at the Sundance Creative Producing Lab.  She is also the Senior Advisor to Game Changer, a financing entity focused exclusively on films directed by women.


DAMON LANE has spent more than fifteen years in the film business, with concentrated experience in sales, finance and production. His career began at Capitol Films, working in film financing for 5 years before moving on to development and acquisitions, at a time when the company collaborated on such successful films as LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN, ALPHA DOG and CREEP.


In 2005, Damon moved to the US and worked as an acquisitions consultant for Velvet Octopus and SC Films International. During his time there, the company sold and or co-produced/financed eleven films, including LEGION, S. DARKO and THE ROMANTICS.


In 2009, Damon joined Zero Gravity management as a manager/producer handling numerous writers and directors as well as developing and producing in-house projects for the fast growing Los Angeles, New York and London based entity. As a producer, Damon worked on LOCKED IN, a thriller set in Boston with Ben Barnes, Sarah Roemer and Eliza Dushku and ANOMALY with Noel Clarke. Currently he has the project CHURCHILL set up with Studio Canal and Sierra / Affinity, THE SHUDDERING with director George Ratliff and MARY SHELLEY’s MONSTER with Sophie Turner.